Earlier this year, ABI/Inform changed the way they indexed Geographic Names (GN). Originally, ABI/Inform used a controlled list of Geographic Names that were at the state/region level, and the CDL’s ABI/Inform GN index was set-up to only allow the valid names to be used.  In early 2000 the indexing policy was changed, and the indexers no longer use a GN authority list, instead they now index any Geographic Name deemed appropriate–including names that were not allowed earlier, such as names of cities.  Since this is incompatible with the way the GN index is constructed, the GN index will be removed from the ABI/Inform database on June 30.

In addition to being in the GN index, the Geographic Names have always been part of the CDL ABI/Inform Keyword (KW) index–in fact, the non-authority file names only appear in the KW index.  After the June change, users should use the Keyword index to search for Geographic Names.  Geographic Names are still displayed in the LONG, LONG TAGS, and Fields displays.  The display labels will change to Added Keywords (AK).