a. Clare Bellanti joins PIR/Request Team

Claire Bellanti adds PIR/Request Team membership to her existing duties as the Director of the Southern Regional Storage Facility at UCLA.  As part of the PIR/Request team, she is responsible for the Desktop Delivery planning phase of PIR/Request Service.  The current implementation plan (part of Request Phase III) is to use e-mail to notify users that their Requested materials are ready for viewing on the web.  The document URL will be valid for a limited period of time.  More information about PIR/Request is available at: [http://www.cdlib.org/libstaff/sharedcoll/projects/pir/]

b. Brian Warling Leaving the CDL

Brian will be leaving the CDL on July 7 to take an exciting new position at the UCSF Library as Manager, Multimedia Development.  Brian has made significant contributions to the CDL during his tenure as Web Design Coordinator.  His conceptualization and design of the CDL Directory, design of the user interface for SearchLight, and most recently the design of the MyLibrary interface are among his accomplishments.  He has also been a great source of expertise on HTML and web design techniques for many of us.

Please join us in wishing Brian well in his new position and return to UCSF.