a. Patricia Cruse Joins the CDL

Trisha was previously on assignment to the CDL from UCSD.  As of August 1, she has been appointed to fill the Manager of Content Development position in CDL’s Shared Content unit.  In the immediate future she will continue to spearhead digital government information initiatives, including California Counts.  Please join us in welcoming Trisha to her new CDL position.

b. Ken Weiss Departs the CDL

Ken Weiss left the CDL on July 12 for a programming position in the private sector.  Ken made significant contributions to the Technology Architecture and Standards Working Group and to a number of projects, including the eScholarship project, Online Archive of California, and Persistent IDs (PURL Server).  We will miss Ken’s expertise and good will.

Recruitment for vacancies in CDL-T have begun (see: http://www.ucop.edu/humres/jobbull.html)

c. Ellen Dunn, CDL Management Services Officer Departs the CDL

Ellen Dunn left her permanent position at the CDL as Management Services Officer on July 28th to move to St. Louis, MO with her family.  Ellen, who joined the CDL in July 1998, was instrumental in establishing the CDL’s business and administrative operations and in managing its budget.  While we will greatly miss Ellen’s presence in the office, we’ll continue to benefit from her advice and expertise since she has agreed to work for us remotely until the position is filled.

Recruitment for her replacement has begun (see: http://www.ucop.edu/humres/empopps.html#app).