An e-Book Task Force has been appointed by the Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections (JSC) to define e-book operating guidelines and desirable features and evaluate current e-book experiments.  The goal is to prepare a progress report by December 15, 2000 and final results by March 2001.  Information about the task force’s progress will be available at: []

The charge to the Task Force is as follows:

  • Define operating guidelines and desirable features that will make e-books most useful for instruction and research in the University of California.
  • Evaluate the ongoing experiences at UC campuses (specifically at UCB and UCSD and their netLibrary experiments).
  • Examine other academic library e-book experiments (other institutions, other content providers).
  • Identify potential Universitywide or multi-campus strategies that should be pursued or explored further.

The current members of the task force are:

  • Lucia Snowhill, Chair and Joint Steering Committee Liaison (Santa Barbara)
  • Anna Gold (San Diego)
  • Rosalie Lack (CDL)
  • Milt Ternberg (Berkeley)
  • Mary Engle, Vendor Liaison (CDL)