SoftLine Inc.’s GenderWatch database has been added to the CDL’s license with Softline.  Eight UC campuses subscribe to GenderWatch at favorable rates and terms negotiated as part of the CDL 1999 Ethnic Newswatch subscription.

GenderWatch is a full text database comprised of periodicals and other publications that focus on the impact of gender across a broad spectrum of subject areas.  GenderWatch supports programs in business, education, literature and the arts, health sciences, history, political science, public policy, sociology and contemporary culture, gender and women’s studies and more.  Publications include academic and scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, regional publications, books, booklets and pamphlets, conference proceedings, and government, non-governmental organization (NGO), and special reports.

GenderWatch contains archival material, in some cases as far back as the 1970’s with additional archival material continually added, making it the repository of an important historical perspective on the evolution of the women’s movement and the changes in gender roles and understandings over the last fifteen to twenty years.

Victoria Williamson (UCSD) is the GenderWatch Resource Liaison.