Please join the CDL in welcoming our new Resource Liaisons.

AP Photo Archive
Susan Jurist, UCSD

Declassified Documents Reference System (DDRS)
Andrea Sevetson, UCB

Earthquake Engineering Abstracts (EEA)
Bob Heyer-Gray, UCD

Economist Intelligence Unit
Gary Peete, UCB

English Short Title Catalog (ESTC)/Hand Press Books Database (HPB)
Ray Soto, UCLA

Victoria Williamson, UCSD

Historical Newspapers Online
Phoebe Janes, UCB

Human Relations Area Files (HRAF)
Kathy Creely, UCSD

Oxford English Dictionary (OED)
Ray Soto, UCLA

Bob Heyer-Gray, UCD

The Resource Liaisons are the primary contact for their resource regarding issues such as enhancement requests, usability issues, and content.  Use the CDL feedback form or CDL Helpline to report any immediate technical problems.  More information about the Resource Liaisons and a complete Roster can be found at []