a. Ethnic NewsWatch Historical File

The CDL has entered a charter subscription for the Ethnic NewsWatch Historical File.  The first release of “Ethnic NewsWatch: A History” will be available in Fall/Winter 2000 – with completion scheduled for Winter 2003.  When complete, it will cover the period 1960 – 1989.  When combined with the current Ethnic NewsWatch file (1990-) the file spans 40 years and will include approximately 1 million articles.

Ethnic NewsWatch: A History is an historical database of approximately 150 newspapers, magazines, and journals published by the ethnic and minority press in the U.S. Every title is fully indexed and includes the full-text of the article.  Ethnic NewsWatch is the only electronic source for many publications, particularly those publications giving “the other side of the stories” on local, national, international, social and cultural issues – a necessary complement to the mainstream media and traditional periodical reference sources.

The historical backfile of Ethnic NewsWatch gives researchers the points of view of publishers and journalists representing ethnic minorities and native peoples.  The Civil Rights movement of the ’60s; Johnson’s Great Society; Reaganomics; the Vietnam War – issues such as these are covered from the perspectives of the African-American, Hispanic, Asian-American, Native People, and other ethnic groups.

The Resource Liaison for Ethnic NewsWatch is Dan Tsang, UC Irvine.

NOTE: The following new resources are not yet in the CDL Directory of Collections and Services; they will be added within the next 2 weeks.  You can access them directly from the URLs provided.

b. Chemical and Engineering News Online (Mary Ann Mahoney, UCB)

The American Chemical Society has selected the California Digital Library as one of ten institutions to participate in a special program designed to measure the usage of Chemical and Engineering News Online [http://pubs.acs.org/cen/] in an institutional setting.

C&EN Online is the electronic version of Chemical & Engineering News, the “newsmagazine of the chemical world.” Coverage includes academic, regulatory, research, and business issues relating to chemistry and chemical engineering.  C&EN Online is available free to all ACS members, but there is no institutional access outside of this study.

Our access to the journal is by IP address; however, READERS MUST STILL REGISTER.  When you register, you designate your own username and password, which are valid for the life of the study (at least a year).  You only have to register once.

Each campus has a pilot study coordinator that you can contact if you have additional questions:

  • Mary Ann Mahoney at UCB (mmahoney@library.berkeley.edu)
  • Carol La Russa at UCD (cjlarussa@ucdavis.edu)
  • April Love at UCI (amlove@uci.edu)
  • Marion Peters at UCLA (mpeters@library.ucla.edu)
  • Julie Mason at UCR (julie.mason@ucr.edu)
  • Deborah Kegel at UCSD (dkegel@ucsd.edu)
  • David Owen at UCSF (owen@library.ucsf.edu)
  • Chuck Huber at UCSB (huber@library.ucsb.edu)
  • Catherine Soehner at UCSC (soehner@cats.ucsc.edu)

Work is currently in progress to provide article-level linking to C&EN Online from A&I databases.

The Resource Liaison for American Chemical Society journals is Mary Ann Mahoney, UC Berkeley.

c. Economist Intelligence Unit (Gary Peete, UCB)

Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Profiles and Reports, licensed through a co-investment by UC campuses and the CDL, are now available in electronic format at http://db.eiu.com/publications.asp.  Five different UC subject selector groups recommended systemwide licensing of this resource.

EIU Profiles and Reports provide timely analysis and forecasts of the political, economic, social, and business environment in a total of 126 reports about more than 180 countries.  They present the political and economic structure of the country, the current political scene, economic policy, domestic economy (covering industry, agriculture, money and finance), foreign trade and payments, and the outlook for 2000-01.  Country reports are archived online (web) from 1996 forward.

These authoritative and objective publications are a powerful supplement to the often less timely information published by governments and international organizations.  For those countries that normally do not produce current information, these studies are a primary means of determining the conditions within a nation.  The EIU Annual Profile series is updated by quarterly reports.

Country profiles are typically around 70 pages of textual analysis and data on a specific country, while the updating reports are about 30 pages in length.  Produced in both HTML and PDF formats, EIU country studies are available electronically from 1996 onward.

The Resource Liaison for Economist Intelligence Unit is Gary Peete, UC Berkeley.