CDL’s eScholarship program is underway []. Officially launched with the July 2000 release, the eScholarship initiative is now actively engaged with more than a dozen scholarly communities and partners.  Together we are working to design and develop the organizational and technical structures, tools and services which will undergird the eScholarship program.

Central to this infrastructure are ePrint Repositories, provided by eScholarship, which allow creation and management of original content.  Testing of the repositories is already underway and, in January 2001, a half dozen communities will begin using the repositories and the associated tools for submitting, accessing, modifying, enhancing and distributing new content in their disciplines. CDL has committed to archive, i.e., provide persistent access to, content deposited in the discipline-based repositories.

eScholarship is also pleased to announce the electronic publication, in January 2001, of Tobacco War: Inside the California Battles by UCSF’s Stan Glantz and Edith D. Balbach.  eScholarship is co-publishing the electronic edition with UC Press