a. Richard Lucier Named College Librarian at Dartmouth

CDL founding University Librarian Richard Lucier announced on November 1 that he has accepted a position as College Librarian of Dartmouth College effective February 1, 2001.

In announcing his decision Richard remarked that “Dartmouth is a unique institution, in a very special setting, with an emphasis on quality and community.  I will be pleased to return to New England, its unique, and for me compelling, combination of tradition and values, its ‘common good’ model of politics, and its cultural life.  I have given the University of California some of the best work of my career and am grateful for having had the opportunity to work with so many outstanding colleagues.”

In sharing news of Lucier’s departure, Julius Zelmanowitz, Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives for the university, noted that “Under his leadership and in partnership with UCOP and campus colleagues, the CDL opened its digital doors in January 1999, making available an integrated web gateway to digital collections, services and tools at http://www.cdlib.org/… [The CDL] has continued to pioneer innovative approaches to the electronic archiving and dissemination of scholarly and research resources.

“Richard has served UC with great distinction, beginning with his initial appointment as the University Librarian at UC San Francisco in 1991.  His vision has placed the CDL at the forefront of digital library development and his leadership on library policy issues has resulted in greater cooperation and collaboration among the campus libraries.  I have greatly valued his insights and advice on a variety of topics such as intellectual property, copyright and digital technologies.  UC’s loss is indeed Dartmouth’s gain.”

Richard’s leadership and vision will be deeply missed by his colleagues at the CDL.  They ask you to join them in wishing him well in his future endeavors.

Among the top priorities for UL Lucier’s attention between now and February 1 are completion of the catalog RFP process and systemwide decision for new CDL technology and the establishment of a transition team and plan for the CDL.

b. Rae McCallum Joins the CDL

Rae McCallum will be joining the CDL as the new Management Services Officer on November 27th.  Rae will be assuming the duties formerly performed by Ellen Dunn; she will assume responsibility for managing the CDL’s budget and personnel actions, administering grants, and managing the Administrative Services staff.

Rae is currently the Operations Manager at UC Davis Medical Center’s Department of Surgery and brings with her extensive UC experience in financial, administrative and personnel management.  A UC Santa Barbara alumna, Rae served as a budget analyst in UCSB’s Campus Budget Office and as Budget Manager and Business Manager in Student Affairs and Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach Services on the Davis campus before joining UCDMC.

Please join us in welcoming Rae to the CDL.