The California Digital Library has just released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a new component of the Request system.  ‘Request’ allows Library patrons on any of the University of California campuses to send requests to libraries for the loan of materials contained in the union catalog (Melvyl) and several hosted databases.

The CDL would like to expand the Request service with the addition of a Consortial Borrowing System that would create a single workflow for requests, provide temporary tracking functions for materials while they are in the loan process, and support a wide range of administrative reports.

When fully implemented this system will replace OCLC and DOCLINE for materials routed within the University of California and integrate requests from a number of sources including the CDL Request Resolution Service and other external sources such as OCLC, RLIN, and DOCLINE.  It will also direct requests to other external systems when appropriate.

The deadline for vendor responses is November 17.  Members of the evaluation team that will review bidders proposals, and who will also have the assistance of a non-UC consultant, are Tammy Dearie, Mary Heath, Michael Thwaites, Sherry Willhite, Marlayana Gates, Claire Bellanti, Gail Nichols, and Karen Butter.