Effective November 1, 2000 UC access to Web Of Science (WoS) increased from 40 simultaneous users to 120 simultaneous users, thanks to additional funding commitments from the campuses in 2001 and more favorable port pricing negotiated by CDL; CDL will fund the remainder of 2000.

WoS has activated links to some Highwire titles, Catchword titles and the Royal Society of Chemistry titles.

ISI and HighWire Press will initially link 32 journals (listed below).  These titles are Science, PNAS, Clinical Chemistry and all of the Annual Review titles.  ISI also has plans to add links to the HighWire Press free archive.  Stanford’s HighWire Press division provides advanced online publication and access services to publishers and societies owning more than 200 of the world’s leading peer-reviewed scholarly journals in science and medicine.  For information about HighWire Press visit http://highwire.stanford.edu.

Highwire Press Titles:

Science (0036-8075)
Proceedings of the National Academy Of Sciences Of the United States of America (0027-8424)
Clinical Chemistry (0009-9147)
Annual review of Anthropology (0084-6570)
Annual review of Astronomy and Astrophysics (0066-4146)
Annual Review Of Biochemistry (0066-4154)
Annual Review Of Biophysics And Biomolecular Structure (1056-8700)
Annual Review Of Biophysics And Biophysical Chemistry (0084-6589)
Annual Review Of Cell And Developmental Biology (1081-0706)
Annual Review Of Cell Biology (0743-4634)
Annual Review Of Earth And Planetary Sciences (0084-6597)
Annual Review Of Ecology And Systematics 0066-4162)
Annual Review Of Energy (0362-1626)
Annual Review Of Energy And The Environment (1056-3466)
Annual Review Of Entomology (0066-4170)
Annual Review Of Fluid Mechanics (0066-4189)
Annual Review Of Genetics (0066-4197)
Annual Review Of Immunology (0732-0582)
Annual Review Of Materials Science (0084-6600)
Annual Review Of Medicine (0066-4219)
Annual Review Of Microbiology (0066-4227)
Annual Review Of Neuroscience (0147-006x)
Annual Review Of Nuclear And Particle Science 0163-8998
Annual Review Of Nutrition (0199-9885)
Annual Review Of Pharmacology And Toxicology (0362-1642)
Annual Review Of Physical Chemistry (0066-426x)
Annual Review Of Physiology 0066-4278
Annual Review Of Phytopathology (0066-4286)
Annual Review Of Plant Physiology And Plant Molecular Biology (0066-4294)
Annual Review Of Psychology 0066-4308
Annual Review Of Public Health (0163-7525)
Annual Review Of Sociology (0360-0572)

CatchWord was formed in 1994 and provides publishers with comprehensive, tailored, Internet publishing services. CatchWord currently has over 800 journals from over 55 publishers available on the Web.  In the first phase, ISI will link over 350 journals.  Contact: Chris Beckett, chris.beckett@catchword.com or visit: http://www.catchword.com.

The Royal Society of Chemistry is a leading publisher and provider of information specific to the field of chemistry.   There will be 13 journals linked as a result of this partnership with ISI.  For details about this Society see http://www.rsc.orgs