When the CDL was formed in October 1997, CDL Technologies, comprised of many members of the former Division of Library Automation, was formally a part of the Office of the President’s Information Resources and Communication department (IR&C).  IR&C reports to the Senior Vice President for Business and Finance.

On November 20, 2000 IR&C Associate Vice President William Campbell and CDL University Librarian Richard Lucier announced an agreement for the immediate transfer of all CDL Technologies staff to the CDL under the direction of UL Lucier.  The technology staff for the CDL is now organizationally co-located with CDL programs. CDL Technologies director David Walker reports directly to UL Lucier.  The unified CDL organization is within UCOP’s Academic Affairs Division and reports to the Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives.  As part of the agreement a transition plan will be established to complete the transfer to the CDL of responsibility for all computing resources that support its programs