The steering committee for the evaluation of responses to the RFP for new technology to support the union catalog met on November 20, 2000 to share the results of site visits and further explorations of vendor products.

As reported in CDLINFO on October 11th (Vol.3, No.14; available at: <> the ESC is clarifying vendor responses and creating an understanding of customer experiences with these systems.  The ESC will soon conclude its work by forwarding these analyses to the ESC Scoring Subcommittee who will officially score each qualifying response.

Members of the evaluation steering committee are the best sources of information about the RFP process.  Please consult with your campus member if you have questions.

Evaluation Steering Committee members include:

Diane Bisom, UCI
Karen Coyle, CDL (ex officio)
Laine Farley, CDL
Cheryl Gomez, UCSC
Jon Good, UCOP, IR&C
Bernie Hurley, UCB (Chair)
Ann Jensen, UCB
Julia Kochi, UCSF
Terry Ryan, UCLA
Catherine Nelson, UCSB
John Ober, CDL (ex officio)
Susan Starr, UCSD
John Tanno, UCR
David Walker, CDL
Gail Yokote, UCD