a. Karen Cargille Sr. Associate for Shared Content

Karen Cargille, Head of Acquisitions at the UCSD Library and already serving CDL’s Shared Content efforts at 20% has been appointed as a Senior Associate for Shared Content, effective January 15, 2001 at the 50% level.  This appointment will be in place as long as CDL’s Director for Shared Content Beverlee French is also Interim University Librarian.  She joins Mary Engle in being a primary negotiator for shared resources and will concentrate on ejournals and the EBSCO efforts (see [http://www.cdlib.org/libstaff/sharedcoll] for the 2000-2001 CDL Licensing Work Plan).  She will participate ex officio on the CDL Joint Steering Committee for Shared Collections, serve as a member of CDL’s Licensing Team, summarize terms and consult with other groups (CDC, SOPAG, etc.) as needed, and assist the Director in coordinating Shared Cataloging issues.