a. Society of Automotive Engineers Standards and Publications Database (SAE) (Karen Andrews, UCD)

Karen Andrews (UCD) negotiated the license for the Tier 2 resource, Society of Automotive Engineers Standards and Publications Database (SAE) [http://www.elecpubs.sae.org/PLDatabase/Database.dll?f=templates&fn=main-h.htm&2.0]; the web version is now available at Berkeley, Davis, Irvine and San Diego.  The database will be available for unlimited simultaneous research use, 24×7.

SAE is an index of the society’s technical papers, magazine and journal articles, books, reports, and standards.  It includes abstracts and covers the dates 1906 – present.

For more information, contact Karen Andrews, UC Davis Physical Sciences & Engineering Library, 530-752-1627 or klandrews@ucdavis.edu.

b. Human Relations Area File (HRAF) Collection of Archaeology

HRAF Collection of Archaeology [http://ets.umdl.umich.edu/e/ehraf/archaeology/] is now available to all campuses except UCSF.  The HRAF was licensed through a co-investment by the campuses.  This resource provides researchers and students access to archaeological materials for comparative studies within and across regions.

  • Installments each cover 10 to 12 major traditions around the world with approximately 15,000 pages.
  • Every paragraph, table, graph and figure is indexed according to HRAF’s subject-indexing system, the Outline of Cultural Materials (OCM).  Free-text, Boolean and proximity searches are also available.
  • The file on each major tradition typically contains an overview by an expert and descriptive materials on 5 to 7 sites.
  • Traditions are selected by random sampling from the Outline of Archaeological Traditions (forthcoming) compiled with the help of a distinguished Board of Advisors.  To encourage historical and evolutionary analysis, the traditions prior to and following each tradition will be included in subsequent installments.

The Resource Liaison for HRAF is Kathy Creely, UC San Diego.