Public Web Site

A public web site that provides information on the transition of the CDL-hosted databases to new vendor web interfaces is now available.  It includes a timeline and detailed information in the form of frequently asked questions  [].  Please refer patrons to this site to learn more about the transition process.

Campus Meetings

Transition Steering Committee (TSC) members have already begun coordinating meetings with library staff and faculty and graduate students.  In addition, CDL staff Laine Farley and Ellen Meltzer have begun visiting the campuses to discuss the A & I transition.  The purpose of the meetings is to provide a forum for dissemination of information about the database transition process and to address concerns and gather feedback.  Another goal of the meetings is to provide library staff with information so that they can more effectively initiate discussions with their faculty and students about the upcoming transitions.  Please contact your TSC member to find out about meetings on your campus.

TSC Members:
Peter Brueggeman (UCSD)
Andrea Duda (UCSB)
Min-Lin Fang (UCSF)
Cheryl Gomez (UCSC)
Gabriella Gray (UCLA)
Robert Heyer-Gray (UCD)
Patricia Iannuzzi (UCB)
John Ober (CDL)
Cathy Palmer (UCI)
John Tanno (UCR)
Laine Farley, ex officio (A&I Transition Project Manager)
Ellen Meltzer, ex officio (CDL Sr. Associate for Education, Usability and Outreach)