a. Mary Ann Liebert Journals

The CDL has licensed the Mary Ann Liebert journals [http://www.liebertonline.com/], a smaller publisher whose primary focus is in the areas of biomedical research and clinical medicine.  Online access is provided via the CatchWord platform.  Currently 36 journals offer full text access, with additional full text journals to be added during 2001.  This Tier 2 contract was negotiated initially by Anne Prussing (UCSD) on behalf of the UC Health Science Selectors.  Mary Ann Liebert access is available to all 9 campuses.

b. MD Consult

A Tier 2 license for access to MD Consult [http://home.mdconsult.com/groups/calibraries1122.html], an online clinical information resource, is now available for Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego and San Francisco.   These seven campuses share access for 50 simultaneous users to its full text of selected medical texts, articles in selected medical journals, practice guidelines, drug information, and patient handouts.  Anne Prussing (UCSD) negotiated the Tier 2 license on behalf of the UC Health Sciences Selectors Group.

NOTE: Users need to click the “Open Generic Edition” button to gain access or follow the instructions under the “Personal Edition” section to create an individual account.