a. The Ethnic NewsWatch: A History

The Ethnic NewsWatch: A History, licensed in fall 2000 (see CDLINFO Vol.3, No.12: http://www.cdlib.org/news/cdlinfo/cdlinfo090600.html#1) is now offering its first release of content, covering the years 1975-1989.  The Ethnic NewsWatch: A History will eventually extend its coverage back to 1969 and is scheduled to be completed in winter 2003.

This full-text historical file will eventually include coverage of the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War and protests, campus unrest and radical politics, the assassinations of President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Roe v. Wade, Johnson’s Great Society, the impact of Reaganomics on ethnic and minority communities, growth and power of corporations and the seeds of globalization, immigration issues, and more.

As with all Ethnic NewsWatch material, every title is fully indexed and includes the full-text of newspapers, magazines and journals of the ethnic, minority and native press.

NOTE: To access the historical file, go to the Ethnic NewsWatch search page and select “History” before entering your search terms.

The Resource Liaison for Ethnic NewsWatch is Dan Tsang, UC Irvine.