a. John Kunze Joins the CDL

John Kunze has joined the CDL as a development programmer for 40% time from May 2001 to May 2002.  John has worked at Berkeley, UCSF, and the National Library of Medicine, in which roles he has made well-received contributions to information standards such as Z39.50 and Dublin Core.  He has also served ex officio on the CDL’s Technology Architecture and Standards Working Group (http://www.cdlib.org/libstaff/technology/).

For the past three years, John has been working with the National Library of Medicine on persistent identifiers and metadata.  He recently returned to work at the UCSF Library and Center for Knowledge Management as Director of Technical Planning for the Legacy National Tobacco Documents Library.  His assignment there will focus on collection architecture, interfaces, persistent identifiers, and incorporation of new material.

At the CDL John will assist in the continuing development of an infrastructure for digital content management and in eScholarship efforts, especially those associated with the support of tobacco control research and dissemination.  Please join us in welcoming John to the CDL and thanking UCSF for supporting another “co-librarian.”