Licenses negotiated by the CDL often describe and limit certain types of use.  For example, some licenses do not allow activity from robots/intelligent agents.  (Robots/intelligent agents are programs that automatically traverse the Web’s hypertext structure by retrieving a document and recursively retrieving all documents that are referenced.)

Recently we’ve received notice through IEEE Resource Liaison Camille Wanat (UCB) of such activity from IEEE.  They have asked us to remind our users that robots or intelligent agents may not be used on the IEEE Xplore system.  IEEE monitors this type of activity and recently an instance of it was discovered as emanating from a UC campus.  The individual in question has been located and has agreed to stop.  However, it is important for us all to be aware that it is not allowed.

IEEE has sent some language along that we can use as appropriate in reminding our users that no robots or intelligent agents are permitted:

“The IEEE wishes to promote appropriate usage of its content through the IEEE Xplore site and encourage proper access among all users.  Robots or intelligent agents damage the performance of the system, and are not allowed on IEEE Xplore.

IEEE regularly monitors site activity to identify robots and intelligent agents. Suspicious activity may result in suspension of service to the individual user as well as to the subscribing institution. Continued violations will result in possible cancellation of our subscription by the IEEE.”

Please pass the IEEE notice on as appropriate on your campus.  We would like to remind readers that descriptions of resources in the CDL Directory include a link to a generic appropriate use statement as well as to specific redacted licenses governing use where available.