a. Raymund Ramos Joins the CDL

Raymund Ramos joined the CDL-Technologies’ Architecture and Infrastructure group on August 1, 2001.  He is filling a vacancy in CDL-T. Raymund will be the administrator for the CDL’s Unix development systems.  He will also be responsible for CDL’s revision control system and web server administration.  Raymund comes from UCSC’s library, where he was the system administrator.  He worked on a number of projects at UCSC, including the implementation of their authenticating proxy service and their electronic resources database.

b. Debra Bartling and Pamela Daniels Join the Melvyl Transition Team

Two library staff members from Berkeley are joining the Melvyl-T transition team on one year temporary assignments, still more evidence of extraordinary support from Berkeley for the CDL database transitions.

Debra Bartling joined the Melvyl-T Project Team on 50% assignment on August 1, 2001. Debra has a strong background in UNIX system administration and in database design, development, and administration.  She is proficient in JAVA, Perl, C, and SQL. The Melvyl-T team will be taking advantage of Debra’s UNIX skills in the design of the new Production Control environment for Melvyl-T.  Debra will continue to work with the UC Berkeley Earthquake Engineering Library.

Pam Daniels joined the CDL on August 8, 2001 and will be working full time, leaving her post as Assistant Head of the Monographic Processing and Cataloging Division of the UCB Library for a year.  She will be working at the CDL as a bibliographic analyst, in support of the development of the new Melvyl database and user interface.  Pam brings many years of experience from the world of cataloging and technical processing at the UCB Library, in addition to lots of experience with web development.

c. Gabriela Montoya Joins the CDL

Following a recent move from Berkeley’s Electronic Text Unit, Gabriela Montoya is now working at the UCSD Libraries as a Digital Archivist Analyst.  She will continue to provide her skills and abilities to CDL as the Online Archive of California (OAC) EAD Technician at a 25% appointment.

Since 1996, Gabriela Montoya has been a core component of the effort to build and manage the OAC’s finding aids and digital content.  As part of the UC Berkeley Electronic Text Unit, Gabriela has been greatly admired by the staff at the sixty repositories contributing to the OAC.  She is known statewide for her patient, efficient, and expert ability to move “troublesome” encoded finding aids through the OAC pipeline.  In conjunction with other CDL OAC staff, Gabriela will continue to manage the publication of finding aids into the OAC directories, test and advise on the development of an automated ingest tool, and assist with the maintenance and upgrade of the Dynaweb software system as required.  Her primary focus will be to coordinate and manage a program for vendor encoding of finding aids for OAC participants.

d. Debora Boyd Leaving the CDL

On August 14, Debora Boyd is leaving her position as Administrative Assistant at the CDL.  She has accepted a position as Executive Assistant to the Executive Director of the MESA Program at Office of the President.  Debora has been with CDL (and DLA before that) since in 1988. Her administrative skills and knowledge of UC procedures will be sorely missed.

e. John Kupersmith Returns to UCB

As of August 1, John Kupersmith has decided to answer his reference librarian calling and return to UCB as a half-time reference librarian in the Doe Library Information Center.  John made significant contributions during his time at CDL, managing the MyLibrary project, serving as liaison to the Users Council, participating on the Services team for the Melvyl transition, and providing excellent answers to users’ comments and questions via email and the Helpline.  John’s skills and humor will be missed (not to mention his cowboy boots), but we are happy he will be working to help users navigate through resources and transitions on the front line.

f. Donna Kaiser Leaving the CDL

Donna’s last day as Digital Information Analyst will be August 16 as she has decided to continue work on her dissertation in English literature at UCB.  Donna has contributed to the CDL Database Transition analysis, provided documentation for Counting California, and worked on documentation and usability testing for OAC.  Best wishes for successful completion of her dissertation.