Before the license amendment was signed for PCI additional segments and PCI Full Text, the vendor changed the terms of the agreement.  Due to this change, the Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections (JSC) recommended that CDL cancel the purchase for PCI Full text if the vendor would not provide terms that adhered more closely to the original proposal.

Unfortunately, the final negotiations took place just after CDL announced the availability of the existing full-text titles in the CDL Directory update on Thursday, July 26, 2001.  CDL staff will be removing the Directory entries for these titles, and are working with the Shared Cataloging staff to update the records in the Periodicals database.  This cancellation does not affect CDL’s purchase of PCI Segments 16-19.

Access to the PCI indexing segments remains available at

We apologize for any confusion this may cause.  Please share this information with your colleagues.