On October 4, the CDL and Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress) announced a partnership to advance innovations in scholarly communication.  Through the partnership, the CDL will make a suite of electronic publishing tools from bepress available to University of California researchers working with the CDL’s eScholarship initiative.  The tools enable rapid and low-cost creation, management and online publication of electronic journals, discussion papers series, working papers, and other electronic forms of scholarship.

The partnership is an important development for eScholarship which supports scholar-led innovations in online dissemination of research from the University of California and beyond.

Working with UC scholars, the eScholarship program (escholarship.cdlib.org) is actively supporting new electronic publications and services for tobacco control research, environmental science, international and area studies, and dermatology research, among others.  The newly forged partnership will extend new capabilities to those and additional fields joining the eScholarship initiative.

A press release, containing more detailed information, is available at: <“http://www.cdlib.org/about/publications/BepressPressRelease10-4-01.pdf”>