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d. Current Protocols (Jeff Williams, UCSD)

Current Protocols, the widely-used series of laboratory manuals published by Wiley is now available on the Web.  All campuses, with the exception of Santa Cruz, are participating in this Tier 2 Agreement.

The following titles are available:

Current Protocols in Cell Biology
Current Protocols in Cytometry
Current Protocols in Human Genetics
Current Protocols in Immunology
Current Protocols in Molecular Biology
Current Protocols in Neuroscience
Current Protocols in Nucleic Acid Chemistry
Current Protocols in Pharmacology
Current Protocols in Protein Science
Current Protocols in Toxicology

The following Current Protocols titles are not available electronically:

Current Protocols in Field Analytical Chemistry
Current Protocols in Food Analytical Chemistry
Current Protocols in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Current Protocols in Methods in Materials Research

The CDL will consider licensing the additional titles when they become available.  Each title is available through the CDL Directory, or you may browse the titles at this URL: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/reference.html

If you have any questions of concerns, please contact the CDL Resource Liaison for Wiley, Jeff Williams: j12williams@ucsd.edu.

b. Encyclopedia Britannica

Earlier this year Encyclopedia Britannica announced that it would no longer offer the full-content of Encyclopedia Britannica on its free consumer oriented website.

The CDL has facilitated UC campus Tier 2 subscriptions to the Encyclopedia Britannica Online [http://www.uclibs.org/PID/12593] through the California State University consortial license.  Eight UC campuses subscribed (Riverside declined) and the CDL will handle recharges, renewals, and IP address maintenance.

Britannica Online includes the complete Encyclopedia Britannica multi-volume set (first published in 1768), as well as Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary and the Britannica Book of the Year.  Britannica Online can also be used to search an Internet directory that includes more than 130,000 links to Web sites selected, rated, and reviewed by Britannica editors.  Through this service, you can find more than 72,000 articles, updated and revised by EB editors and contributors; over 10,000 illustrations, including photographs, drawings, maps, and flags; and more than 75,000 definitions including pronunciation guides and word histories from Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.

c. Anthropological Index, Royal Anthropological Institute

RLG has added a new resource to the Citadel database suite — the Anthropological Index, Royal Anthropological Institute — that is open to all UC campuses by virtue of the CDL subscription to RLG base package resources.

Anthropological Index, Royal Anthropological Institute is an essential periodical index for the fields of physical anthropology, archaeology, cultural ethnography, and linguistics.  This new Citation Resources CitaDel® database from RLG draws on the collections of the de facto national anthropology library of Britain.

Anthropological Index entries are compiled from over 900 journals in the Library of the British Museum Department of Ethnography — now known as the Anthropology Library — which incorporates the former Royal Anthropological Institute library.  Remarkably broad geographic coverage emphasizes the Commonwealth and Africa and extends to Eastern Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australasia, and the Pacific, including both standard journals and many titles outside the mainstream.  The Anthropology Library’s ability to provide photocopies of articles cited is particularly valuable for journals not housed in US collections.

Additional information is available at: <http://www.rlg.org/cit-rai.html>.

See also a recent article about Anthropological Index that appeared in RLG Focus: <http://www.rlg.org/r-focus/i51.html#index>.