a. Music Index (Paul Machlis, UCSC)

The UC Music Librarians represented by Paul Machlis at UC Santa Cruz have completed a Tier 2 negotiation with Harmonie Park Press for access, beginning 1 January 2002, to the Music Index (for all campuses except UCSF).  The Music Index [ http://uclibs.org/PID/1386 ] provides citations to articles in 655 international music periodicals, 1979 to the present, performance and recording reviews, obituaries, and articles in musicological journals.

b. RIPM: International Index to Nineteenth-Century Music Periodicals

RIPM: International Index to Nineteenth-Century Music Periodicals [http://biblioline.nisc.com/scripts/login.dll?BiblioLine&dbname=QRIPM ] has been licensed for all 9 campuses.

Licensing RIPM was a high priority for music bibliographers; it was recommended as a complement to RILM as part of the shared digital collection.  It is entirely supported by Shared Collections and Acquisitions Program (SCAP) funds.

RIPM concentrates on documenting nineteenth-century music and musical life.  It contains indexes and abstracts of over 65 primarily nineteenth-century journals published in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the United States.