a. David Walker Moving On

David Walker, CDL’s Director of Technologies since late 1999, has been appointed as Director for Advanced Technology Information Resources & Communications at UCOP.  This is a completely new position for the University.  The position will give David the challenging and exciting opportunity to direct systemwide technology planning in collaboration with the campuses.

David’s contribution to the CDL framework and Systemwide Library Planning predate his arrival at UCOP by several years with his service, from UCI, on the UC Digital Library Executive Working Group.  He brought extensive knowledge and technology planning experience to CDL.  Amongst his many contributions have been planning the MELVYL-T architecture, orchestrating the transition to a service level agreement with IR&C, and leading the CDL Strategic Technology Architecture and Standards Working Group.

b. John Ober Named Interim Director of Technologies

John Ober has agreed to assume responsibility as the California Digital Library’s Interim Director of Technologies, effective May 13, 2002.  John is currently Director for Education and Strategic Innovation, CDL’s representative to the [Library] Systemwide Operations and Planning Group, and a member of the CDL Strategic Technology, Architecture and Standards Working Group.  As Interim Director of Technologies, he will oversee management of three groups–Access, Content, and Architecture & Infrastructure–and provide leadership to numerous ongoing operations and developmental projects.

c. Mark Reyes Joins the CDL

Programmer/Analyst Mark Reyes joined the CDL on May 1 filling a permanent position in the Content Group with production control responsibilities for the new Melvyl-T database.  Mark is a recent arrival in the Bay Area having previously worked for Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, where he performed similar tasks for the GPS and ionospheric communities.