a. MLA Via SilverPlatter to Retire

Rob Melton, Resource Liaison for MLA International Bibliography, has consulted with the UC Literature Bibliographers regarding the retirement of MLA via SilverPlatter.  They have advised the CDL to retire the SilverPlatter version at the end of August. We will be making the change on August 29, at which time the Z39.50 CDL hosted version of the database also will retire.

As of August 30, the Ovid (native) version will be the sole interface for the MLA International Bibliography.  Please share this information with all staff who will be affected by this change.

b. UC-eLinks in ABI/INFORM Global Via Proquest

ProQuest has informed the CDL that in its upcoming launch of ProQuest version 6.0 scheduled for July 28, 2002, in which several enhancements will be made, ProQuest will also implement UC-eLinks in ABI/INFORM Global.