As of Wednesday, July 24, 2002, the Melvyl Catalog includes the circulation status information for items held by UC Santa Barbara.  In the web version of the Melvyl Catalog, you can see the circulation status of a particular item by clicking the (UCSB+circ status) link in your record display, or by selecting “UC Santa Barbara (+circ status)” from the Display Options menu.  In the telnet version of the Melvyl Catalog, type D CIRC UCSB to see the circulation status information.

With the implementation of “circ” for UCSB items, the circulation status of 8 of the 10 UC campuses is now available online.  After July 24th, only UCLA and UC Merced will not have circulation status available in the Melvyl Catalog.

Circ links for UCLA should be available in the new Melvyl (Melvyl-T) when it becomes a production system in fall 2002.

Please note: circulation links are a critical component of the Request service by allowing for the borrowing of items from other campuses if that item has been checked out locally.