University of California International and Area Studies (UCIAS) is pleased to announce the debut of the UCIAS Digital Collection [], a peer-reviewed electronic publications program. UCIAS is a partnership of the University of California Press, the eScholarship program at the California Digital Library (CDL), and internationally oriented research units on eight UC campuses.

UCIAS [], publishes peer-reviewed articles, monographs, and edited volumes generated by research projects, workshops, seminars, and conferences at internationally oriented institutes, centers, and programs involving the University of California.  The Digital Collection includes the new volume Dynamics of Regulatory Change: How Globalization Affects National Regulatory Policies, edited by David Vogel and Robert Kagan.

All publications are peer reviewed according to standards set by an interdisciplinary UCIAS editorial board.  UC Press will publish and sell hard copy versions of selected UCIAS volumes.  The digital publications will be available free of charge and made persistently available through the CDL.

The upper level of a two-tiered system, the UCIAS Digital Collection draws on working papers from UCIAS-affiliated research units throughout the UC system.  If a working paper is submitted to the peer review process and successfully passes peer review, it is published in the UCIAS Digital Collection while the original working paper remains in the eScholarship Repository.  Working papers are disseminated with other non-peer-reviewed material deposited in the eScholarship Repository (, a central location for pre-publication scholarship.

The Repository and the Digital Collection are projects of the eScholarship program (, which was launched to facilitate scholar-led innovations and supports experiments in the production and dissemination of scholarly communications.