a. ACS Journal Archives (Mary Ann Mahoney, UCB)

Through efforts of the CDL and campus investments, the UC campuses now have access to the American Chemical Society Journal Archives.  The Archives extend the full text content of each ACS Web Edition journal all the way back to its very first year of publication.  For the oldest journal, Journal of the American Chemical Society, that means coverage back to 1879. Just in sheer volume the Archives are impressive — 11,000 journal issues, 500,000 articles, and 2.5 million pages.  More importantly though, the journals in the Archives include many of the most highly cited journals in chemistry making this a significant addition to our collection of digital resources.

For each journal, the current Web Edition issues and Archives issues are integrated so there is no need to go to a separate site to find the archival material.  This seamless integration extends to searching within the journals, as the archival material, like the current, is fully searchable.  All articles in the Archives are available as pdf files.

For a list of all the journals in the archives, including former names and year of first issue, go to http://pubs.acs.org/archives/what.html