a. UC-eLinks Pop-Up Window Version 1.3 Coming Next Week

A new version of the UC-eLinks pop-up window will be released next week.  Several improvements in this interface have been made, based on what was learned in usability testing.

1. The entire phrases (below) have been underlined in blue, making it clearer that they are hyperlinks

–Full text available from <vendor name>
–See if your campus library has this. Check the Melvyl Catalog/Periodicals
–For Interlibrary Loan or document delivery use Request

2. In the top of the pop-up window, it now says “UC-eLinks Netscape” or “UC-eLinks-Microsoft Internet Explorer” (rather than SFX).  When this window is minimized, the user now sees “UC-eLinks” in the menu bar on the bottom of the screen, rather than “SFX”.

A future release of this product will include a feedback mechanism that sends the on-screen citation along with the user’s query making it easier to identify any problems.

b. Eureka Telnet Access to RLG Databases to Retire November 29

The CDL received the following message from RLG:

”Your institution is one of only a few still using the telnet version of Eureka to search an RLG database.  The number of Eureka telnet searches is a small percentage of your total search volume.

“RLG has continued to add enhancements to the Eureka Web version.  The one RLG released earlier this year provides a much faster, easier to use interface than earlier Web versions, with a command line which allows your users to search with familiar Eureka telnet indexes, if desired.  (See the February 2002 issue of RLG Focus: http://www.rlg.org/r-focus/i54#eureka.)  You can try some free sample searches with the Eureka Web version at: http://www.rlg.org/eureka.html.

“RLG will discontinue Eureka telnet access to all RLG databases on November 29, 2002.  We trust this advance notification will provide you adequate time to delete the links to the telnet version on your Web site.  We appreciate your use of RLG resources, and the RLG Information Center would welcome your comments (bl.ric@rlg.org).”

What does this mean for you and your users? As of November 30, users will no longer have access to any of the RLG/Eureka databases via Eureka’s telnet or via USE Eureka from CDL’s telnet.  They will have access to the following databases only via Eureka’s native web interface:

Bibliography of the History of Art
Hand Press Book File
Index to 19th Century Art Periodicals
Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals
Inside Information Plus
Russian Academy of Sciences Bibliography

If you direct your users to go to CDL’s telnet and then type USE Eureka to get to any of these databases, please replace these instructions with URLs to these databases in Eureka.

The following RLG/Eureka databases will still be available via both CDL’s telnet and web Z39.50 interfaces through the end of December, as well as in Eureka’s native web interface:

Anthropological Literature
Avery Index
Chicano Databases
English Short Title Catalogue
History of Science and Technology
RLIN Bibliographic File