a. CRCnetBASE – 12 New Titles

The CDL has purchased perpetual access to 12 new titles from CRCnetBASE and all nine campuses will share the annual access fees.

ATSDR’s Toxological Profiles [Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease
Registry (ATSDR), U.S. Public Health Services] [http://uclibs.org/PID/9550]
Toxological Profiles translates over 40,000 pages of data on the mitigation of health effects, data gaps, and all available health data. Rigorously peer-reviewed, this work covers the toxicological effects of hazardous substances, chemicals, and compounds.  Each profile includes an examination, summary, and interpretation of available toxicological and epidemiological data evaluations on the hazardous substance.

Auerbach Publications [http://www.itknowledgebase.net]
Wide range of publications in the IT field, including the IT KnowledgeBase

CRC Journals [http://www.crcjournals.com]
Includes journal titles in the area of chemistry, engineering, environmental science, food sciences, life sciences, medicine, and physics.

ENGnetBASE [http://uclibs.org/PID/3805]
Engineering Handbooks Online

ENVIROnetBASE [http://uclibs.org/PID/9548]
Environmental sciences handbooks with figures, charts, tables, illustrations, formulas, and rules of thumb. ENVIROnetBASE offers a comprehensive selection of references that are cross-referenced, fully searchable, hyperlinked, and cross-indexed.

Food Chemical News (FCN) [http://uclibs.org/PID/9547]
FCN Publication – information on food regulation and related breaking news.  FCN publications include: Food Chemical News, Food Chemical News Daily, and Food Chemical News Guide.

FOODnetBASE (Not yet available)
Food Science Handbooks

FORENSICnetBASE [http://uclibs.org/PID/9546]
Forensic science and criminal justice references

InfoSECURITYnetBASE [ http://uclibs.org/PID/9545]
Information industry security mgmt., policies, procedures, news, risk analysis, computer-related crime, etc.

MATHnetBASE [http://uclibs.org/PID/9549]
Mathematics Handbooks

POLYMERSnetBASE (Not yet available)
Polymer Science Handbooks

STATSnetBASE [http://uclibs.org/PID/9551]
Statistics handbooks covering environmental statistics, introductory statistics, probability theory & applications, reference statistics, SPC/reliability/quality control, statistical theory & methods, statistics & computing, biological sciences, business & finance, engineering & physical science, medicine & health science.