a.  University of California Press eScholarship Editions

On October 28 the CDL released the first 500 University of California Press eScholarship Editions http://escholarship.cdlib.org/ucpress/.  Three hundred of the titles, many of which are out of print, are now available to the public; the rest are restricted to University of California faculty, staff, and students only.

The URL for each available title will appear in Melvyl soon along with the rest of the cataloging information. Records will also be in WorldCat sometime next month.  The books cover a range of topics in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences; quite a few are currently used in courses.

These electronic editions are made available through a CDL-sponsored purchase from netLibrary of 1,500 electronic book files on behalf of the UC community.  eScholarship, which supports experiments in the production and dissemination of scholarly communications, converted the books into fully searchable XML.  They represent another element of the continuing partnership between the UC Press (http://www.ucpress.edu/) and eScholarship http://escholarship.cdlib.org/ .

Features of University of California Press eScholarship Editions include the ability to:
-Browse by author, title, and subject

-Search metadata
—Extensive metadata includes author, title, one-paragraph book synopses, Library of Congress subject headings, UC Press subject terms

-Search full text
—Hit counts are displayed alongside the tables of contents (with number of times the term occurs in each chapter). When a book section is selected, the user is sent to the first occurrence of the term.  Each occurrence is highlighted in the text, with navigation arrows to allow for easy maneuvering through chapter and book

-Find a full citation, including URL, for every book

Although the website is the best place to find an up-to-the-minute list of titles available, a complete list can also be found on Melvyl by doing a title search on eScholarship editions (once the records are in Melvyl).

Titles are being released in stages. By Fall 2003 there will be 1500 books available online; about 350 will be available to the public, the rest will be limited to the UC community.  Major milestones will be announced in CDLINFO. Please feel free to link to http://escholarship.cdlib.org/ucpress/from any relevant pages.