a. Chemical & Engineering News (Mary Ann Mahoney, UC Berkeley)

Through the efforts of the CDL and campus investments, the UC campuses now have online access to “Chemical & Engineering News”, the “newsmagazine of the chemical world”. C&E News is published by the American Chemical Society.  Access is by IP address and coverage goes back to 1998.  There are no plans at this time to add to the backfile.

Our institutional license does not include access to classified advertisements online; that feature is only available to ACS members. However, there is a lot of career information on the website outside of the classified advertisements, including salary surveys, best companies to work for, interviewing tips, career planning advice, etc. Also, on the part of the Classifieds area of the website that we can access, there is a link to JobSpectrum, an online career and employment site created by the American Chemical Society, free to jobseekers.