a. Update on Gale InfoTrac Services (Frank Gravier, UCSC)

Two services planned for Gale InfoTrac databases; including Expanded Academic ASAP, the Computer Database, and the National Newspaper Index have been delayed by the vendor:
— Download citations into bibliographic management software like EndNote is delayed until July 2003 at the earliest
— Email update feature, which allows pre-determined searches to be run automatically with results reported by email, has been delayed indefinitely

Gale representatives have told CDL that they are moving towards creating a new web delivery platform for all of their InfoTrac databases.  The email update feature will be included in the requirements for the new platform.

The A&I Transition Team, CDL staff and I had all hoped these features would be available well before the cut-off date for the CDL-hosted databases.  I can assure you that CDL staff and I will continue to urge Gale to implement these features as soon as possible. As Resource Liaison for Expanded Academic ASAP, the Computer Database, and the National Newspaper Index I encourage you to send me any comments, concerns or questions you may have about these databases.  My email address is gravier@ucsc.edu.

b. UC-eLinks New Service: Ask a Librarian

In November, the CDL asked the Transition Steering Committee for their input on the issue of adding a fourth service to the UC-eLinks pop-up menu, an Ask a Librarian feature. Based on their input, this feature will be implemented in the first quarter of 2003.  The CDL is investigating the feasibility of linking directly into your campus Ask a Librarian pages based on your IP address ranges.  If this is not possible, users will go to an interim page where they can select their home campus.

A default CDL page will also be set up to which comments will be sent directly if they are unable to reach a campus location.

A UC-eLinks project team will be set up soon to oversee the implementation details of future UC-eLinks enhancements and campus instances, and the Tools and Services Working Group will continue to solicit comments on future enhancements in order to develop guiding principles.