a. A & I Databases Successfully Retired

In addition to the public retirement of the CDL-hosted journal article databases, the CDL has successfully removed the CDL-hosted databases from SearchLight and the CDL Directory; removed the data from the relevant disk drives and removed references to the hosted databases from the CDL web site.  Many CDL employees contributed to the smooth “decommissioning” of these databases, including Lynne Cameron, Jayne Dickson, Ellen England, Rosalie Lack, David Loy, Sean O’Hara, Michael Russell, Lena Shelton, Steve Toub, and Claudia Woo.

Special thanks also go to Project Manager Laine Farley, for her leadership throughout the transition, to the in-house A & I Team, and to the campus Transition Steering Committee (TSC).

The CDL relied heavily on decades of good data management practice involving many current and former CDL/DLA staff. There are a few clean up details, but this is another milestone in the ongoing CDL transition(s).  The experience will also help prepare for when Melvyl is transitioned to a new platform in July.