a.Transition Steering Committee (TSC) Decommissioned

The Transition Steering Committee (TSC), which served in an advisory role for the A & I journal article database transition, completed at the end of 2002, had its last conference call on February 25, 2003, and has now been decommissioned.  he committee has completed its charge: [http://www.cdlib.org/libstaff/sharedcoll/a-i-trans/aicharge20501.html]

Many thanks go to the following members of the committee who served for either a full or partial two-year period:

Peter Brueggeman (UCSD)
Jayne Dickson (CDL) )
Andrea Duda (UCSB)
Mary Engle (CDL)
Min-Lin Fang (UCSF)
Laine Farley (CDL A&I Transition Project Manager)
Cheryl Gomez (UCSC)
Gabriela Gray (UCLA)
Mary Heath (CDL)
Robert Heyer-Grey (UCD)
Patricia Iannuzzi (UCB)
Ellen Meltzer (CDL)
John Ober (CDL)
Cathy Palmer (UCI)
Margaret Phillips (UCB)
John Tanno (UCR)
Margery Tibbetts (CDL)
Beth Weil (UCB)
Sherry Willhite (CDL)
Stefanie Wittenbach (UCR)

Issues related to the transitioning databases will now be handled initially by the Resource Liaisons [http://www.cdlib.org/libstaff/sharedcoll/liaisons/liaisons.html] for each database. Depending on the nature of the issue, CDL staff may also be involved.