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a. Readers’ Guide Retrospective: 1890 – 1982

Readers’ Guide Retrospective [http://uclibs.org/PID/21386] was previously announced in CDLINFO last spring
<http://www.cdlib.org/news/cdlinfo/cdlinfo050902.html#2>.  At that time, the database included files from 1963 to 1982.  The database is now complete and includes files from 1890 to 1982.

Readers’ Guide Retrospective provides searchable access to more than 100 years of citations from 512 leading U.S. magazines — valuable reference for students, journalists, educators, historians, social scientists, writers, business researchers and others.

From the wreck of the Titanic to Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon; from the Charleston craze to the Sharon Tate murders; from Pearl Harbor to the Bay of Pigs — Readers’ Guide Retrospective provides a record of an entire century of popular magazine coverage, and a reflection of America’s evolving attitudes and culture.

Features Offered:

–Search the equivalent of 44 printed Readers’ Guide cumulations (including 19th Century Readers’ Guide 1890 -1899).

–Search by author, title, subject, keyword, journal, or year.

–Updated, uniform subject headings allow searching by familiar, contemporary terms.  Original subject headings are also featured, for historians, sociologists, linguists, writers, and others interested in the way issues of the day were framed.

–Entries link to page images from original Readers’ Guide volumes, allowing users access to “see” and “see also” references and the complete hierarchy of subject headings and subheadings.

–Seamlessly combines with contemporary research databases.  Search Readers’ Guide Retrospective simultaneously with other Readers’ Guide databases on WilsonWeb, or with any other WilsonWeb database.

–Order actual articles through links to the Infotrieve online document delivery service or through your interlibrary loan service.  Even finding articles on your shelves is easy — with periodicals holdings messages linked to your OPAC.

b. Synthesis and Synlett Journal Archives from Thieme Publishers Now Available (Christina Keil, UCSD)

The UC Chemistry Librarians, under the leadership of Christina Keil (UC San Diego), have negotiated an agreement with Thieme publishers that will allow all UC campuses to have online access to the journal archives of two important chemistry titles: Synthesis and Synlett.

Funded by the CDL, the Synthesis and Synlett archives provide access to over 15,000 articles.  These journals consistently rank amongst the top 20 organic chemistry journals, covering many aspects of chemistry including medicinal, biological, organometallic and related disciplines.

Synthesis (1969-2002: ) http://uclibs.org/PID/11377

Synlett (1989-2002): http://uclibs.org/PID/11378