Occasionally critical CDL applications, such as UC-eLinks, Request, or theMelvyl catalog, go down on the weekends.  If this happens while you are working at a public service point, it is very important that you call to report the problem.  No one is monitoring email for this kind of occurrence on the weekends.

You can either call the UCOP Data Center directly at 510-987-0363, or call the CDL Helpline at 510-987-0555, where a voicemail message will refer you to the UCOP Data Center phone number after hours.  The UCOP Data Center has a list of CDL contacts who can troubleshoot these applications on the weekend, and they will call them.  When speaking to the Data Center, please include your name, campus, phone number and the name of the application that is down.  If you are calling from a reference desk that you’ll soon be leaving and another colleague will be replacing you, please leave a note for your colleague.  A CDL staff member may call you back in order to obtain additional information for troubleshooting purposes.

(For similar emergencies Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm, call the CDL Helpline directly.  Telephone, rather than email, is the most efficient way to report emergencies to CDL staff.)