The CDL Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections (JSC) recommended, and SOPAG concurred, that selected freely available ejournal content be linked (via UC-eLinks), cataloged by Shared Cataloging, entered into the CDL Directory, and monitored as other resources are (see ).  Although the resources may be open access, these actions represent considerable investments but are designed to reduce similar kinds of investments each campus might have to make in these resources.  Even though a license will not be signed for these resources and there is no formal negotiation process with a vendor, as much as possible, these open access resources will follow existing procedures for licensed packages.  There are two categories of such ejournals:

1. Open access ejournals that are indexed by shared abstracting & indexing databases e.g., J. of Clinical Investigation and the BioMed Central journals–all indexed in PubMed.  These will be added as described above as they are recommended or discovered.  The Joint Steering Committee has asked bibliographer groups to alert them to such titles and the abstracting/indexing sources that cover them.  The recent JSC surveys specifically asked about such titles.

2. “Unsubscribed” (i.e., there is no historic print base in UC) titles to which all campuses have access as part of a CDL publisher package contract.

Once resources have been selected, the Shared Catalog Program (SCP) at UCSD will catalog them.  UC-eLinks will be implemented, where possible.  The resources will be added to the CDL Directory and announced via CDL Directory weekly updates and in CDLINFO.  For each resource or package, either a resource liaison will be assigned or the SCP department will be responsible for monitoring long-term access to that resource.

Remember, in the CDL Directory, you can limit your search to items available to the general public (under the “available to:” pull down) and in the search results all openly available resource titles are in green and include a note stating that they are available to the general public.