Following the success of UC-eLinks for providing services among the CDL-Licensed resources, campus libraries expressed interest in using it for their locally licensed resources.  The extension of UC-eLinks to support campus-based resources that integrate with system wide resources originated with and was endorsed by SOPAG.  CDL negotiated the license for adding campus versions and worked with ExLibris, the product vendor, on the technical enhancements to present combined services to users.  The CDL will be hosting the SFX servers for most of the campuses.

The purpose of the UC-eLinks Liaison program is to share the responsibility for maintaining the holdings in the UC-eLinks knowledge base between the CDL and the campus libraries.  The CDL will be responsible for maintaining the CDL or system wide licensed electronic holdings.  Each liaison will be responsible for maintaining their locally licensed electronic holdings.

The following is a list of the UC-eLinks liaisons:
Jody Bussell, UCB
Don Lee, UCB
Rebecca Green, UCB
Bob Heyer-Gray, UCD
Juri Stratford, UCD
Tim Mcadam, UCI
Sylvia Goldberg, UCI
Stefanie Wittenbach, UCR
Mike Randall, UCLA
Mollie Bowling, UCLA
Elaine McCracken, UCSB
Fred Yuengling , UCSC
Lai-Ying Hsiung , UCSC
Gayle Hughes, UCSD
David Fisher, UCSD
Alan Daniel, UCSF
Bea Mallek, UCSF