The Counting California project team is pleased to announce the release of the following new content on Counting California:

1. Census 2000 Summary File 3
Census of Population and Housing, Census 2000, Summary File 3 from the U.S. Census Bureau is now available.  The release of Census 2000, Summary File 3 is the fourth dataset added to Counting California from the Census Bureau’s Census 2000 series.  Summary File 3 provides population and housing data on such diverse topics as marital status; grandparents as caregivers; language and ability to speak English; ancestry; place of birth; citizenship status, and year of entry; migration; place of work; journey to work (commuting); school enrollment and educational attainment; vehicles available; value of home; monthly rent; shelter costs; and more.

2. California Statistical Abstract, 2002
This annual compilation of detailed social, economic, and government statistics about California provides statistics on topics covering land and water, the CA State economy, crime, education, business, labor and employment, and more.  With the inclusion of the 2002 edition there are now four consecutive years of the California Statistical Abstract on Counting CA, which users can search or browse simultaneously or independently.