UC staff can now use the CDL Helpline web site (http://helpline.cdlib.org) to report problems with CDL services (such as the Melvyl Catalog, the CDL Directory of Collections & Services, OAC, etc.) and with vendor databases, ejournal web sites, etc.

In addition to submitting a Request (i.e., reporting a problem), you can also use the CDL Helpline web site to search a KnowledgeBase of known problems/solutions and you can view the status of any ticket (request) that you have previously submitted.

The first time you go to the CDL Helpline web site, click on the “New Users: Sign Up Here” link and fill in the new user form.  Once you’ve signed up initially, your email address becomes your USER ID and your PASSWORD is whatever you set it to be.  Then click the LOGIN button.

In addition to setting up individual accounts, users can also set up group accounts.  The only requirements are: 1) the group must have a valid email address that is actively responded to, and 2) the group must share the password among its members.  So, if the reference staff at UCR’s Science Library want to be able to view the problems reported by any other reference staff person, they might set up a group account using their “sciref@citrus.ucr.edu” email address and the password of their choice.

Very important information here: Email originating from your submitted request comes from ” helpline@cdlib.org CDL Helpline ” and the Subject line will include ticket-identifier information after the subject text you entered. When responding, reply back to the CDL Helpline email address and do NOT alter the Subject line.

Finally, to report urgent/critical outages, such as when a major service (UC-eLinks, PubMed, Ovid databases, etc.) is unavailable, please call the CDL Helpline at 510.987.0555 [Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM] rather than using the web form.