CDL has created several documents to aid libraries in preparing for the transition to the new version of Melvyl.

a. Melvyl-T Access Changes

A document on Melvyl Transition Information on Access to Melvyl-T has been sent to the campuses via Users Council.  It details access methods that will change when legacy Melvyl retires, causing libraries to update the URLs on web sites that link to Melvyl.  For example, subject-related pages, course pages, etc. may need to be updated.

As you plan to revise links into Melvyl, consider this an opportunity to re-think how the campus refers to and links to the CDL.  Some campus sites, for example, refer to “CDL/Melvyl”; others include a prominent link into the CDL web site.  The CDL encourages you to refer explicitly and link directly into the particular CDL services (e.g., “Melvyl Catalog”, “eScholarship Repositories”, “Searchlight”), from your campus library site, rather than mention “CDL” or link into the CDL web site.  In the coming weeks, the CDL will issue linking guidelines that will address this topic in greater detail.

b. Melvyl-T Service Details

Information on Melvyl-T services such as linking, Request, Updates, etc. can be found at [ ].

c. Legacy Melvyl and Melvyl-T Content Compared

A chart [] comparing the content of the Legacy Melvyl/Periodicals Titles databases and Melvyl-T, which also links to Background Information: Content Contributors to Melvyl-T [] is available.