The CDL and the UC-eLinks liaisons have begun the process of adding campus e-journal holdings to UC-eLinks.  The liaisons were appointed in late March and received training for SFX version 2 in May.  [A roster of the UC-eLinks liaisons can be found at .]

Each campus has its own instance (localized version of the UC-eLinks KnowledgeBase), which was created by ExLibris and tailored by the CDL in June.  The UC-eLinks liaisons are currently working on the most important piece, identifying its own licensed campus e-journal holdings and activating the titles in the campus instances of UC-eLinks. Each campus will decide when it has enough titles activated in the campus instance and wishes to move to production.  All campuses should be in production by the beginning of the fall term.

Once a campus instance is in production users will see links to full text in the UC-eLinks menu window for e-journals licensed by their campus in addition to the e-journals licensed by the CDL.