The following changes have been made to the MOAC collection via Luna Insight ( with the goals of providing simpler search options and easier to understand search and display labels, making search and display options more consistent with other collections, and providing thumbnail labels more useful to users for selecting items.  The Image Demonstrator Project Team analyzed the MOAC data and consulted with MOAC representatives prior to having the changes implemented.  A similar review is in progress for the Saskia collection.

Search options are now:
-data field (equivalent of advanced search with all possible search fields)
-show all (the equivalent of the starting page)

The data fields have been simplified to include the following:

-creator name (was creator/maker)
-group creator name (was corporation name)
-title (was object name/title)
-collection title
-object type (was type of object)
-materials (was medium/materials)
-date (was creation date)
-current location (was repository corporation name)
-provenance (was creditline/provenance)
-object ID (was current object ID number)
-METS ID (was METS ID number)

The collection description has been enhanced to list the contributing museums with a link to the MOAC web site. Currently, the description is only available in the Java client–go to File/Open Collection to view the description.