CDLINFO News: October, 2003

New Resource Liaisons Appointed

October 23, 2003  |  Category:  Collection Development,Newsletter,Resource Liaisons  |  Author: 

CDL is pleased to announce the appointment of the following new Resource Liaisons: –American Physical Society Journals: Elaine Adams, UCLA –ARTBibliographies Modern: Ellen Kempf, UCSB –Current Protocols: Anneliese Taylor, UCSF … More

New Resources Available

October 23, 2003  |  Category:  Newsletter,Publishing,Special Collections  |  Author: 

a. eScholarship Repository Journal, San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science Now Available The first eScholarship Repository peer-reviewed journal, San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science (SFEWS) (<> ), is now available. … More

VDX: UC’s Consortial Borrowing System Software Project

October 23, 2003  |  Category:  Discovery & Delivery,Newsletter  |  Author: 

Exciting things are happening with the implementation of VDX (UC’s Consortial Borrowing System Software project), which provides the behind-the-scenes processing for UC’s Request service (both Melvyl Request and UC-eLinks Request).  … More

New MIT CogNet Interface Now Available (Keir Reavie, UCSF Resource Liaison)

October 9, 2003  |  Category:  Collection Development,Newsletter  |  Author: 

A new version of the MIT CogNet Cognitive Sciences resource is now available.  The new version presents a streamlined, easy to navigate interface that employs tabs for quick access to … More

Popup Blockers…Not Always a Good Thing!

October 9, 2003  |  Category:  Newsletter,Technology  |  Author: 

Popup blocking software, which prevents unsolicited popup windows from displaying, is proliferating.  Popup blocking software is becoming an almost standard feature of personal firewall software packages, like ZoneAlarm … More

Melvyl Feature: Requesting Multiple Items from a Saved List

October 9, 2003  |  Category:  Discovery & Delivery,Newsletter  |  Author: 

It is now possible to save a list of items during your current Melvyl Catalog session and submit the entire list to the Request (UC’s Interlibrary Loan) service … More

California Recall Election Project

October 9, 2003  |  Category:  Newsletter,UC Curation Center (UC3)  |  Author: 

The CDL recognizes the historical significance of the California Recall Election and that material related to this momentous occasion will have lasting value to UC researchers.  We also recognize … More

IEEE Conferences in UC-eLinks (Brian Quigley, UCB Resource Liaison)

October 9, 2003  |  Category:  Discovery & Delivery,Newsletter  |  Author: 

Thanks to the diligence of Margery Tibbetts (CDL), users can now link to most IEEE conference papers online through UC-eLinks from INSPEC.  Over the past year, IEEE has been depositing … More