The CDL recognizes the historical significance of the California Recall Election and that material related to this momentous occasion will have lasting value to UC researchers.  We also recognize that much of this material is on the web and therefore extremely volatile.  With assistance from Gabriella Gray at the UCLA Online Campaign Literature Archive and in cooperation with the Stanford Computer Science Department, CDL is crawling and saving web sites associated with the CA Recall Election.  Our collection development policy is modeled on the Library of Congress’ Minerva project.  The UCB Institute of Governmental Studies’ “Recall in California” site has also been an excellent resource for subject scope.  Materials we are collecting include:

a. Candidate sites
b. Interest groups (special interest groups specific to the CA recall)
c. Political Parties (state level)
d. Media (newspapers, media web sites (including Spanish-language))
e. Government (CA Secretary of State and all county registrar of voters)
f. Commentary and Humor (satire, etc.)
g. Institutions (web guides, directories, etc.)
h. Miscellaneous (polls, blogs, non-partisan watchdog sites)

The next step for the project will be exploring possibilities for presentation and access to these materials.

If you have questions or comments, please direct them to Heather Christenson,