It is now possible to save a list of items during your current Melvyl Catalog session and submit the entire list to the Request (UC’s Interlibrary Loan) service for processing.

To create a list, mark the desired records and click the Save button from your search results.  To access your list of saved records, click the Saved Items link in the orange menu bar.  You may choose to view, print, email, delete, or Request any item(s) from your list.

To Request multiple items at one time from your list of Saved Items (current session only), display your Saved Items and click the Request button.  When the Request form displays, you must sign in with your User ID and Password at the top of the Request form even if you have previously signed into the Melvyl Catalog during this session.

If you do not want to request all of the items in your list, you can either delete any unwanted items from your list of Saved Items before you click the Request button, or you can deselect them once the Request service presents you with a list of the items you are requesting.

At the present time, you cannot request multiple items at one time from a list of items that have been Saved Across Sessions.  We hope to be able to provide this feature in the future.