CDL is pleased to announce the appointment of the following new Resource Liaisons:

–American Physical Society Journals: Elaine Adams, UCLA
–ARTBibliographies Modern: Ellen Kempf, UCSB
–Current Protocols: Anneliese Taylor, UCSF
–INSPEC: Karen Andrews, UCD
–Oxford Reference Online, OED, American National Bibliography: Judy Ruttenberg, UCI
–Oxford University Press Journals: David Michalski, UCD
–PsycInfo: Barbara Glendenning, UCB
–Stat-USA: Jan Goldsmith, UCLA

CDL Resource Liaisons are essential to our success in ensuring that our licensed resources meet the highest standards for quality.  The Resource Liaisons make sure CDL is aware of any issues regarding their resource, so please be sure to contact them if you have any resource-specific questions & comments.  A complete listing of Resource Liaisons can be found at:

Please welcome the new Resource Liaisons!